Internationella kontakter


Ethics in social work (2015)

Världens skolkuratorer sjunger i Mongoliet 2015

Description of the School Social Work Profession
A guide for School Social Workers 2015

How to translate a degree in Social work from abroad to the equivalent Swedish degree
Equivalence of School Counseling Masters degree from USA

Skolkuratorsyrket är ett fängslande och fascinerande yrke, där du dagligen kan ha internationella kontakter över hela världen. Efter den internationella konferensen i Stockholm 2003 är vi med i ett nätverk som omfattar alla världsdelar.

Första internationella konferensen ägde rum i Chicago, USA 1999.
Andra internationella konferensen ägde rum i Stockholm, Sverige 2003.
Tredje internationella konferensen ägde rum i Pusan, Korea september 2006. Läs mer här.
Fjärde internationella konferensen ägde rum i Auckland, Nya Zeeland 2009. Mer information hittar du på konferensens hemsida.
Femte internationella konferensen ägde rum i Accra, Ghana 2012. Mer information hittar du på konferensens hemsida.
Sjätte internationella konferensen ägde rum i Ulaanbaatar, Mongoliet den 10 – 12 juni 2015.
ACE-upper secondary school works to dreate a positive relationship in the teaching and learning environment (Sara R Millberg)
Parenting Skills Essential for Student Success (Maria Malmgren)


För det skolkurativa arbetet finns det ett internationellt nätverk som du hittar på

The status of School Social Work – Results of a 2006 survey


Newsletter june 2017. In Vienna: Supporting pupils with school social work, plus prevention and guidance.
Newsletter may 2017. Life well Lived
Newsletter april 2017. Dream Job or Nightmare?
Newsletter march 2017. Traumberuf Schulsozialarbeit. Dream Job: School Social Work
Newsletter february 2017. School Social Work In South Africa
Newsletter january 2017. School Social Work in Western Australia
Newsletter december 2016. What do school social workers do?
Newsletter november 2016. Girls, School and Menstruation
Newsletter october 2016. The Status of School Social Work in 2016
Newsletter september 2016. How can you do homework when you don’t have a home?
Newsletter august 2016. How to Improve the Attendance Rate and Reduce Chronic Absenteeism.
Newsletter july 2016. Introduction to the Development of School Social Work in Mainland China
Newsletter june 2016. The State of the World’s School Children
Newsletter may 2016. The Beginnings of School Social Work in Vietnam
Newsletter april 2016. The Impact of the Deep Economic Recession on Child Wellbeing in Greece
Newsletter march 2016.  Development of School Social Work Curriculum in Sri Lanka:
Newsletter february 2016. School Social Work Around the Aegean
Newsletter january 2016. School Social Work is a Vital Resource in the United States.
Newsletter december 2015. A New Web Site for U.S.School Social Work History and Literature.
Newsletter november 2015. Child well-being in rich countries
Newsletter october 2015. School Social Work in the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Newsletter september 2015. Child Endangerment in Germany: Facts and Responsibilities
Newsletter august 2015. Promoting Mental Health in Schools
Newsletter july 2015 Training for school social work in Vietnam
Newsletter june 2015 School Social Work In France: le service social en faveur des élèves
Newsletter may 2015. The Organization of School Social Work (Schulsozialarbeit) in Germany
Newsletter april 2015. What do school social workers do?
Newsletter march 2015. School Social Work in Cyprus: prospects and challenges
Newsletter february 2015. Online School Social Work Handbooks.
Newsletter january 2015. School Social Workers Conference in Ulaan Baatar.
Newsletter december 2014. My Life in School, Dance and Social Work.
Newsletter october 2014. School Social Workers and Hungry Students
Newsletter september 2014. School Social Workers Help Meet Students’ Basic Needs
Newsletter august 2014. News from Iceland: We need social workers in the school system for better services and policy making.
Newsletter june 2014. School Social Work in Asia
Newsletter may 2014. School Social Work in Guyana
Newsletter april 2014. ”Call for Speakers”, ”School Social Work in Canada” och ”School Social Work (Schulsozialarbeit) in Germany”.
Newsletter march 2014. ”A Snapshot of School Social Work in 2014”.
Newsletter february 2014. ”The Conference and School Social Work in Mongolia”.
Newsletter january 2014. ”The International Network: Community for School Social Workers”.
Newsletter december 2013. ”School social work behind the success of student achievement in Finnish schools”.
Newsletter november 2013. ”The Miracle of Finnish schools – Some reasons behind the success”.
Newsletter october 2013. ”School Attendance”.
Newsletter september 2013. ”School Social Work and Children with Disabilities”.
Newsletter august 2013. ”School Social Work is Progressing”.
Newsletter july 2013. ”Where School Social Work is Needed Now”.
Newsletter june 2013. ”The Diverse Field of School Social Work in Austria – a Situation Report”.
Newsletter may 2013. ”School Community Development Project in Sri Lanka”.
Newsletter april 2013. ”Social Work Perspectives: Lessons Learned From Two Years In Mongolia”.
Newsletter march 2013. ”Dreams come true for a social worker in Laos: From village schools to social work education”.
Newsletter february 2013. ”School Social Work in Four Continents”.
Newsletter january 2013. ”Status of School Social Work in Mongolia”.
Newsletter december 2012. ”The 2012 International Survey of School Social Work”.
Newsletter november 2012. ”School social work in China”, ”Schulsozialarbeit in Switzerland” and ”Skolkurator in Sweden”.
Newsletter october 2012. ”School Social Work and Educational Equity for Girls.”
Newsletter september 2012. ”Schulsozialarbeit in Austria.”
”Social Workers in Norway’s Schools.”
”School Social Work International Collaboration.”
Newsletter august 2012. ”Schoolmaatschappelijkwerk in Curacao.”
”School Social Work in Trinidad and Tobago.”
”School Social Work in South Africa.”
”Exploring the Viability of School-Based Support for Vulnerable Children. A Case Study of Two Township schools in Johannesburg.”
Newsletter june 2012. ”Snapshots of School Social Work Practice in the US.”
Newsletter may 2012. ” An Opportunity to Develop an International School Social Work Credential. Michelle Alvarez.”
Newsletter april 2012. ”The 5th International School Social Work Conference, April 10-13 in Accra, Ghana.”
Newsletter march 2012. ”Where social workers are needed in schools around the Pacific Rim.”
Newsletter february 2012. ” ERIC/CASS – Educational Resources Information Center/Counseling and Student Services.”
Newsletter january 2012. ”Water Cooler Conversations: Salaries and Working conditions.”
Newsletter december 2011. ”“Trygg bruk”: Norway’s School Campaign for Safe Internet Use (Press Release: 30 November 2011).”
Newsletter november 2011. ”New Initiatives for International Collaboration in School Social Work. Michelle Alvarez, Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU, M).”
Newsletter october 2011. ”School Social Work in Finland.”
Newsletter september 2011. ”GHANA BRAGS: 5th internationell School Social Work Conference to be in Accra, Ghana.”
Newsletter august 2011. ”Once upon a time…”
Newsletter july 2011. ”Education for All – A Role for School Social Workers.”
Newsletter june 2011. ”School Social Work Initiatives on Three Continents.”
Newsletter may 2011. ”School social work in Iceland. Guðrún Arinbjarnardóttir.”
Newsletter april 2011. ”Helping the Newest New Yorkers and their Children Adjust to School. Daniela Pozzaglia”.
Newsletter march 2011. ”Educating the children of Mongolia´s herding families. Erdenetsetseg Tserenpuu”.
Newsletter february 2011. ” School social work in France: Le service social scolaire. Margit Roser”.
Newsletter january 2011. Dags att lämna in abstracts till internationella konferensen i Ghana 2012: ”Ensuring quality education for all the world´s children”.
Newsletter december 2010. ” School social work to start in Hungary”, ”Reaching the Marginalized” and ”Gapminder for a fact-based worldview”.
Newsletter november 2010. ”A Timeline of School Social Work”.
Newsletter october 2010. ” KASSW (Korea Association of School Social Workers, had its 10th birthday on the 28th August.”
Newsletter august 2010. ”School social work (Schulsozialarbeit) in Germany.”
Newsletter august 2010. ”The International Network.”
Newsletter july 2010. ”The International Journal of School Social Work (IJSSW).”
Newsletter may 2010. ”School Social Work in Switzerland.”
Newsletter april 2010. ”Major Steps in History of Hungarian Professional Association”.
Newsletter march 2010. ”School Social Work in the United States”.
Newsletter february 2010. ”Bouncing back from challenges”.
Newsletter january 2010. ”School social work in Hungary – The Pécs Model”.
Newsletter december 2009. ”Communicating with School Social Workers around the World”.
Newsletter november 2009. ”Bullying: It’s More than Meets the Eye.”
Newsletter october 2009. ”Infant Attachment and School Success: The biological link.”
Newsletter september 2009. ”National Training for Education Social Workers in Mongolia.”
Newsletter august 2009. ”The Role of the School Social Worker with Very Special Needs Students in the New York City Department of Education.”
Newsletter july 2009. ”The effect of school social work intervention on students refusing to attend school in Japan.”
Newsletter may 2009. ”My Professional and Personal Experience at the 4th International School Social Work Conference in New Zealand.”
Newsletter april 2009. ”How do kids feel about visiting the school social worker?”
Newsletter march 2009. ”School Social Workers i Lichtenstein” and ”April Fools Day”.
Newsletter january 2009. ”School Social Work makes progress in Guangzhou, People´s Republic of China”.
Newsletter december 2008. ”School Social Work Associaton of America”.
Newsletter november 2008. ”Support for Students at a High School in the UK: A Head Teacher´s Perspective”.
Newsletter october 2008. ”Children´s Rights and the School Social Work Role”.
Newsletter july 2008. ”Seeing and understanding with photographs”.
Newsletter june 2008. Fjärde internationella skolkuratorskonferensen på Nya Zealand 2009.
Newsletter may 2008. ”School Social Workers Celebrate 60 years of Service in Victoria, Australia.
Newsletter march 2008. Fjärde internationella skolkuratorskonferensen, skolkurativt arbete i Nigeria m.m.
Newsletter january 2008. Artiklar om skolkuratorsverksamhet i Mongoliet och Japan.
Newsletter december 2007. Artikel om skolkuratorsverksamhet i Bulgarien.
Newsletter november 2007.
Newsletter october 2007.
Newsletter september 2007.
Newsletter august 2007.
Newsletter july 2007.
Newsletter june 2007.
Newsletter may 2007.
Newsletter march 2007.

Finlands skolkuratorsförening har en hemsida med adress
Skolkuratorsföreningen är riksomfattande.
I Finland fins det lagstiftning som garanterar skolkuratorsservice till alla elever inom den grundläggande undervisningen.
En lag angående behörighetskrav för tjänster inom det sociala området i Finland håller på (jan -05) att tas fram.
School Social work Association of America – SSWAA – har en hemsida med adress
I USA äger varje år en nationell skolkuratorskonferens rum.
Läs Eva-Mari Thomas resebrev från konferensen i Chicago april 2005. Klicka här!
Läs Eva-Mari Thomas resebrev från konferensen i Boston april 2006. Klicka här!
Läs Eva-Mari Thomas resebrev från konferensen i Orlando, Florida april 2007. Klicka här!